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Our Founder's Journey

Meet Jim, the driving force behind Lighthammer Bookkeeping Inc. With over a decade of experience running his own CPA firm, Jim spent countless hours driving all over Mason, Ohio, helping businesses with their QuickBooks and providing invaluable business advice and personalized solutions.

Jim's career path shifted into roles within the accounting industry, ultimately reaching the prestigious position of Chief Financial Officer in the real estate investment industry.

The Turning Point

Yet, amidst the professional accolades, Jim faced a significant challenge: a grueling daily commute that consumed precious hours each day. Spending an entire workweek away from his cherished family—his wife, three sons, two granddaughters, and beloved dog, Maverick—prompted a pivotal realization. Something had to change.

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Our Journey to Virtual Bookkeeping Excellence

Thus, Lighthammer Bookkeeping Inc. was born—a solution forged from Jim's desire to reclaim time for himself and his clients. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, we offer virtual bookkeeping services nationwide, eliminating the need for cumbersome in-person meetings. Now, we revel in spending quality time with our families whenever we desire.

Empowering Your Success

As a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor, we are dedicated to extending the same freedom to you, your business, and your family. At Lighthammer Bookkeeping Inc., our mission is clear: to empower you to focus on what truly matters while we handle the intricacies of your financial management.

What Do Our Clients Say

"Peace of Mind!
"I love Lighthammer Bookkeeping Inc.! I can't say enough about Jim. Lighthammer has taken us from the dark ages into the future. We had tried everything, inhouse bookkeeping and 2 outsourced bookkeepers in the last 4 years. I was so naive, thinking a bookkeeper is a bookkeeper, folks this is not the case. Jim / Lighthammer is bookkeeping on steroids! It's like I have my own CFO! He has automated our credit cards, our payroll, payroll taxes, our PTO time, and quarterly taxes. Oh, and he's reasonably priced! Globe Insurance has been around since 1926, I'm the third owner and I sleep well at night knowing I can grow my business and not have to worry about the tax/payroll side! Jim is the "Whiz-bang" enough said!"
- Rob Wilkerson, Globe Insurance Agency"

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Let's Get Started

Find out how to connect with Lighthammer Bookkeeping Inc. and begin your journey to financial freedom. Reach out to discover how we can support your business with expert bookkeeping and financial services.