Our business is your business.

Whether you're just starting, or you’ve been in business for years, staying up to date on your books can be a daunting and time-consuming task. 

Inaccurate books can mean thousands of dollars in missed deductions at tax time and more in unrealized profit.

We're here to do the heavy lifting for you, so you can get the information you need when you need it.

What our clients say about us.

"Jim at Lighthammer Bookkeeping has been a godsend. I first started working with him after another company left me with my books a mess. I won't be going anywhere else for my accounting needs. Lighthammer is top notch!" ~ David Hall

Peace of Mind!

"I love Lighthammer Bookkeeping Inc.! I can't say enough about Jim. Lighthammer has taken us from the dark ages into the future. We had tried everything, inhouse bookkeeping and 2 outsourced bookkeepers in the last 4 years. I was so naive, thinking a bookkeeper is a bookkeeper, folks this is not the case. Jim / Lighthammer is bookkeeping on steroids! It's like I have my own CFO! He has automated our credit cards, our payroll, payroll taxes, our PTO time, and quarterly taxes. Oh, and he's reasonably priced! Globe Insurance has been around since 1926, I'm the third owner and I sleep well at night knowing I can grow my business and not have to worry about the tax/payroll side! Jim is the "Whiz-bang" enough said!"

- Rob Wilkerson, Globe Insurance Agency

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Who doesn’t like more money in the bank?

We're not here to just “do” your books.

We're here to understand how your business operates and then work with you to optimize your bookkeeping.  

By leveraging tools such as QuickBooks Online, you’ll run your company better while saving you time and money. 

Our bookkeeping and QuickBooks pros help you gain a deeper understanding of your business so you can make better decisions which translates to more money in the bank.

"Jim is very knowledgeable & consistent with every aspect of our business. It is because of him, that we predict our small business will double in size before the end of the year! If you need someone to help with your accounting, Jim is the BEST in town!" - Stacey Smith

We help business owners increase profit by an average of $7,500 and save 60-100 hours per year by streamlining their bookkeeping.

Imagine what you could do for your business with an extra 100 hours per year.

That’s a full workday each month.

How could you invest back into your business with $7,500?

How much can YOU save?

Save time now

With LHB we’ll check all your business’ boxes so you can have:

✓ Freedom to forecast for upcoming cash needs

✓ Tailored budgets that help you track your business’ performance

✓ In-depth knowledge about your financial health

✓ Faster payments from clients and vendors

✓ Prompt bill payments and transactions reconciled

We know you hate bookkeeping as much as we love it.

Work with Us

First things first – we talk on the phone, or in a Zoom meeting, to strategize about the needs of your business, and discuss options that work for the size of your business.

We then formulate a flat monthly fee tailored to just what your business needs. After that, it’s time to get to work – you do what you do best in your business and leave us the portion that frees you from the drudgery of bookkeeping.

Let us do what we love so you can do what you love.

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