Why just hire a bookkeeper when you can hire a highly qualified CPA?

Lighthammer Bookkeeping Services

More than just numbers.

Founded by a CPA, Lighthammer Bookkeeping Services offers your business more than just putting the right numbers in the right places.

QuickBooks Online Advance ProAdvisor

We are a QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor and a top bookkeeping service in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lighthammer Bookkeeping is owned by James B. Whittenburg, CPA. 

That's how we can offer CPA quality at bookkeeping rates.

Our high-quality bookkeeping, income tax preparation, payroll, consulting, Controller, and CFO services save you both time and money.

You focus on the core of your business, or what you do best, while we take care of all of your personal and professional accounting needs.

Meet Jim

James B. Whittenburg, CPA
Lighthammer Bookkeeping, Inc. 
CEO & President

I got 10 hours back each week.

Years ago, I ran my own CPA firm for about 10 years. I drove all over Mason, Ohio going to businesses to help them with their QuickBooks and provide business advice.

Then I went on to work in the accounting industry for a major retail drug chain and in the real estate investment industry, working my way up to Chief Financial Officer.

My commute was 1 hour each way.

I was spending an entire work week away from my wife, 3 sons, 2 granddaughters, and Maverick the Wonderdog each month just driving.

Something had to change.

That's why I started Lighthammer Bookkeeping.

We work with small businesses who need help with all aspects of their bookkeeping.

Getting a complete and accurate picture of your business will help you make more money and give you more time with your family.

Working with all the latest technology, we provide the same accounting services virtually anywhere in the country without leaving our office.

Now I get to spend time with my granddaughters whenever I want!

As a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor, I’m happy we’re able to do the same for you, your business, and your family.

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Responsive and Helpful

"I’ve known Jim personally and professionally. What I appreciate the most is his willingness to help. Even if he is unsure, he won’t “fake it until he makes it,” he’ll seek out the answer or the solution to answer your question. You don’t want someone to fake it with your money. You want someone responsible, responsive, and accountable to you. That’s Jim. And he’s got a wicked sense of humor."

~ Amber Allred, Realtor

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